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Exterior painting serves not only to beautify your home or commercial building. but to protect it. Painting is imperative to protect your home from the elements, especially the sun, heat, and moisture we find in Florida!

Whether you are looking to transform the exterior of your home or you wish to freshen it up – Slon Painting and Renovation LLC will make your home stand out. Getting your exterior painted will not only improve curb appeal but will also protect your home from damage caused by the environment.

We offer complete preparation work to make sure your home lasts as long as possible. Whether that be pressure washing, board replacement, scraping, caulking, filling holes, or anything else needed for your particular project. We will also make sure to recommend various product options, from the best solutions on the market to the best bang for your buck, we have a solution for everyone!
Please see below for our steps in painting your home.

  Exterior Painting Process
  • Surface Preparation: – We prepare the surface before applying paint. It includes power washing to remove dirt
  • Drop Cloth – We place drop cloth around the areas to be painted to absorb paint drops, preventing spills.
  • Caulking – We use a sealer for cracks and expansions around doors and window frames. Caulking also prevents moisture from getting into these cracks. We use only quality paintable caulk.
  • Putty – We use filler material in older homes for cracks between joints, and to seal from moisture between glass and wood.
  • Scraping – Used to remove any loose paint from previous coatings, critical for the paint job durability.
  • Sanding – Optional and used to round edges of scraped areas.
  • Priming – Used to seal porous surfaces, providing a smooth surface for the application of paint. We use high-quality primers to act as a quality surface for the paint.
  • Finished Coating – Application of the final paint finish. We use professional tools to get the perfect finish
  • Cleanup – At the end of the job we clean up the environment removing materials like drop cloth and empty paint containers. We ensure a tidy environment after the work is done.